New Huccaby available!

New Huccaby available from the Handmade by Ellie Shop!

September has been a busy time with a number of commissions keeping me busy, so it’s nice to catch up and update some items on my shop.  A few months ago I posted a photo of this fabric…


and I was really looking forward to cutting it all up and creating something with it.  As soon as I saw these fabrics, I thought they would suit a Huccaby satchel – the size of the print would fit the shape of the bag nicely and the lovely rich blue would make for beautiful complimentary buckle tabs and lining fabric.

So here it is –

This is currently the only Huccaby available in this fabric, so it truly is unique!  It is available to buy from the Handmade by Ellie shop.

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Click here for all the details, including prices, dimensions and information on the bag’s construction.

Additional features – As well as an adjustable shoulder strap, this satchel has a large inside, fully lined (and interlined) zipped pocket and features high quality metalware which looks lovely –

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A few finished photos…..

(Finally) a few finished photos of Huccaby!

After much (much!) delay, here are the finished photos of the 60s-inspired Huccaby from my previous post.  Things have been somewhat hectic recently, which is great, but it has once again meant that my blog is a little bit behind!

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For all the information on Huccaby bags, including price and dimensions, please see the Shoulder Bags by Ellie page.

60s-inspired Huccaby

I love it when I get asked to make something I know I would LOVE to keep.   This happened with this latest design for Huccaby.  I have always loved this fabric; it makes me smile because it is such a happy print.  So it was with great pleasure that I began to turn it into a satchel.

This was a really fun commission to make – I love this choice of fabric and the gorgeously rich purple to compliment the fabulous colours of the main design.

For this particular bag, I was asked to make the pattern slightly bigger – it needed a bigger interior zip pocket and to be slightly deeper so it could carry certain things.  This was not a problem at all, and it’s great to personalise each bag to an individual’s requirement.

Click on the images to enlarge…

The first photo shows a cross-section of one of the main panel pieces; here you can see the main fabric print, then a layer of sew-in interlining, a layer of quilting fabric and finally a layer of backing cotton to keep the quilting fabric in place.  All these layers give the bag a lovely quilted feel and helps it retain its shape as well as making it stronger.

The second photo shows all the main and lining pieces ready and waiting to be turned into Huccaby…..

Finished photos!

Sightly later than planned, here are a few photos of the finished Huccaby…

As I said in my previous post, this was made using a lovely Japanese-inspired fabric….. there is only one of these satchels in existence and I believe it was for a very special 21st birthday pressie, which hopefully has been received by now (so I’m not spoiling anyone’s surprise)!

I love the finished combination of cream with that gorgeous green lining.

For all the information on this bag, please visit the Shoulder Bags by Ellie page.

Huccaby update

The next stage of the Huccaby, after backing all the fabric with interlining, quilting fabric and cotton, was to attach the buckles and construct the outer shell of the bag.  I decided to make this one slightly deeper than the previous Huccaby: the width and height stayed the same, but I increased the pattern size to make it deeper so it could carry even more.

Positioning the buckles for the base and top of the bag is crucial (or it won’t close properly!), so takes a bit of time to get it right.  In order to ensure they’re positioned correctly, they’re pinned, tacked and then finally stitched in place.

After completing the top-stitching on the buckle tabs, I attached the side panels to the front and back panels before finally sewing in the bottom panel.

The next job after that was making the adjustable handle, then completing the outer part of the bag before moving on to construct the lining……


After completing my first Huccaby design earlier this year, I wanted to start making another almost straight away.  I had some beautiful Japanese-inspired fabric by Makower that I knew would be perfect for this satchel, so started thinking about the complimentary fabric I was going to use for the lining…. so many choices…..!

Because the main fabric has a delicate design, I wanted to use whatever complimentary fabric I chose for the buckle tabs as well; this would give it a bit of impact and bring out some of the colour in the main fabric.  Having made the first satchel from a very strong colour and busier pattern, I wanted this one to look very different.  I had kept hold of this particular fabric for a while, wanting to use it for just the right project and this was it!

So here are my fabric choices for this project…… more update photos to follow soon.

Fabric choices for Huccaby

Fabric choices for Huccaby

Introducing Huccaby…

So here it is!  This is Huccaby, my brand new satchel!  Buckles are attached, adjustable shoulder strap is finished and it’s ready to go…

Click on the gallery to enlarge and scroll through –


As with my other bags, Huccaby is made from quality cotton and is fully lined with quality interlining and quilting fabric, which not only helps strengthen the bag but also means it retains its shape.

Huccaby has a large, lined inside zipped pocket, big enough for a standard ipad, or large tablet, and the adjustable shoulder strap means you can wear it over the shoulder or across the body – whichever is more comfortable.

I’m really pleased with how this has turned out and look forward to making more in other fabrics.. so many fab colour possibilities….!

As ever, I’d love to hear what you think, you can email me at or click on the comments button below.

For all the details on Huccaby, including price and dimensions, please see the Shoulder Bags by Ellie page.

Happy stitching!

Satchel in progress

My new satchel design is coming along a treat, so I thought I’d share this photo so you can catch a glimpse and let me know what you think……..

Satchel in progress

Satchel in progress

I’ve tracked down some great silver buckles, which I think will look really smart against this rich colour.

So, just got the adjustable handle to finish and the buckles to attach…….  Photos to follow soon.

Happy stitching!

Machine woes and new projects…

I’m aware my last post was the first for a while, and prior to that I had written that I would post photos of my new design.  Well, that was my intention, but over the last couple of months I’ve had trouble with my normally very dependable sewing machine….  It started as an occasional glitch, but then got worse and it has taken me a while to get to the bottom of it.  Turned out it was a problem with the tension on the removable bobbin case, but thankfully it’s now sorted (YAY!!) and I can finally get back to stitching away.

This meant that constructing my new design had to grind to a halt for a while (I did have a backup machine for other projects/orders, but it’s never quite the same as your own….); so I decided to use the opportunity to cut out and draw instead.  I normally work on one project at a time, see it through, before starting something else, but my machine woes forced me to work a bit differently.  So, I’ve been cutting, cutting, cutting, and now I have three projects on the go!

I can tell you that my new design is a satchel (I’ve wanted to design and make one of these for ages) and I’m pleased with progress so far…..  Love the colours of this fabric……

Cutting out

Cutting out