May news….

We had a great time at the Moorland show a few weeks ago, thanks to all the people who came along.  Good to see a customer from the last show enjoying using her bag!

I had a new design in some new fabrics on show, these will be added to my shop soon.

Earlier this year I had a couple of orders from two different customers for the same design of bag.  They both wanted a Rippon and had completely different fabric choices.  It was lovely seeing what they chose and how different they were (one even matched their house décor and windowsill tiles, which is fantastic!).  The orange and black Rippon was the first time I’ve been asked for one colourway one side and the reverse on the other side, but a great way to get two looks for the price of one!


Now I’m looking forward to getting on with using this gorgeous fabric for a new order….




Happy Christmas!

I don’t know where the last month has gone!  I’ve been sorting through my photos and putting everything in order and realised I meant to publish this photo a little while ago.  I’ve added all the details to the Shoulder Bags by Ellie page, so do enjoy having a browse.

Rippon - made from quality cotton with inside zipped pocket

Rippon – made from quality cotton with inside zipped pocket

Meanwhile, I’ve been working on another new design, so once again I have been engrossed in pattern sketching, measuring and cutting.  I’m really pleased with how it’s coming together, and I will publish those photos in the new year.

Finally, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Latest commission for my newest design…

Since the Padstow show I’ve been really busy working on another new design (coming soon!!!!), so I’m a bit behind with publishing this post.  Following the introduction of my shoulder bag design, I’ve recently completed this commission for two contrasting handbags; one in a fabulous 60s inspired print, the other in quality linen.  The request was for one ‘bright handbag’, with contrasting orange fabric for the handles and lining, the other in black and white for smart occasions.

Same bag, same practicality but completely different looks!

All the photos and details can be found on the Shoulder Bags by Ellie page.

Click on the pictures to enlarge and scroll through…….

New shoulder bag design….

Here’s my new shoulder bag design, using the black and pink flowers and art deco prints from my previous post the other week…..

Click on the gallery to enlarge and scroll through for a closer look….

This is a really useful sized bag and I’ve included a large inside zipped pocket for extra security/functionality.  The bag is also wadded, using a new quilting wadding I’ve recently acquired, and the pocket, outer fabrics and handle are all reinforced with the thick interlining I always use; it makes for a really lovely finish and feel.

I will add all the details to the Shoulder Bags by Ellie page soon.