Clutch bags now available!

I had a fabulous few days in Padstow with the Bolla Tay girls earlier this month.  Thanks to all those who came by to see us, it was lovely to meet new customers as well as customers from previous years……  I hope you all enjoy your new handbags!

I promised I would be adding more to my online shop after its launch a few weeks ago, so here are the first new editions…. These clutch bags are the result of my collaboration with designer C F McEwan.   They are made using her special silk and hemp fabric and they feel gorgeous!

For all the information, please click here to visit to visit my shop.

If you are interested in purchasing the matching scarves, please click here to contact Clare to check availability.  Oh, and Clare currently has a summer sale on some of her gorgeous scarves…..


1930s Funky Fabric Vintage Bags…..

You might recognise this fab 60s inspired fabric from my previous post.  When I discovered this fabric, I knew it would look great in this 1930s design – it’s so colourful and happy.  Although you could have a whole host of different colour combinations for the lining, I decided to team it with a rich purple, made using 100% cotton by Makower.  I’ve used cover buttons for each bag; for one button I used the lining fabric, and for the other I used a small daisy detail from the main print…..

For more information and all the details of this bag, click on the Vintage Bags -Nancy page.

Click on the gallery to enlarge the pictures and scroll through –

Pattern by Charlie’s Aunt.

Bolla Tay Design Fair

I’ve just come back from the most amazing few days in sunny Padstow, having been involved with my first Bolla Tay Design Fair.  It was wonderful to meet so many new customers and thanks to those who stopped by to say hello and sign up to my blog.  To all the new “Handmade by Ellie” owners, I hope your bags bring you as much pleasure in using them as they did for me making them….

I’ve also been making a few changes to my website; I now have a permanent Home page and my blog is the final tab on the menu bar.

For more details on Bolla Tay, click the link in the Links I Love section.

Here are a few pictures from the show, click to enlarge and scroll through the gallery.

New photos….

Over the next few weeks I will be updating my site with new photos from a recent shoot; these photos will include new versions of favourites, as well as new bags which haven’t yet featured on my site.

My Vintage Bags and Clutch Bags (under the Handbags by Ellie page) collections are the first to get a new look; click on the Vintage Bags by Ellie page and the Clutch Bags by Ellie page for more photos and details of these bags.

For a preview, click on the gallery to enlarge and scroll through.

1930s Vintage Bag

This is one of my favourite vintage bag designs, it’s such a useful size – great for everyday use or a useful evening bag.  I love this green flowers fabric and, rather than a plain lining, thought this pretty pink flowers design would compliment it well.  The cover button just adds a little something special to the front of the bag…

More photos and all the details can be found on the Nancy page under the Vintage Bags header.

Click on the gallery to enlarge and scroll through…

Pattern by Charlie’s Aunt.

Another clutch bag from Clare and Ellie….

Following on from my last post, here’s my latest creation using C F McEwan’s hemp and silk fabric for a Classic Evening Ellie Clutch bag.  This is made using the same fabric (Towers) as the Dorothy Clutch bag in the previous post, although I have chosen different parts of the fabric for the front and envelope panels.

The details, along with all the photos for this design, are on the Clutch Bags by Ellie page under the Handbags by Ellie header.  Click on the gallery to enlarge and scroll through and enjoy having a browse…

For more information about Clare and her fabric, see the previous post or visit her website.

Collaborating with Clare McEwan

I have recently collaborated with designer C F McEwan (click on the link to visit her website) using her latest range of fabric to create a classic clutch bag.  Clare is a freelance designer who uses digital photography and print media within textiles.  This incredible fabric is made from hemp and silk and has been a complete joy to work with.  The texture and feel are so unique and luxurious it adds yet another dimension to this clutch bag.  Using her beautiful fabric, Clare has created a range of stunning scarves which are well worth a browse.

Click on the gallery to enlarge and scroll through; some of these photos are from her recent design show – check out the fab chair covered in her fabric…

About the fabric creation

With an interest in surface, shape and layer, Clare makes use of a variety of materials in her work. Drawing, printmaking, hand stitching and simple making processes are combined to create abstract and atmospheric imagery. Irregular shaped objects are built using paper, fabric and plastic.

The textiles, objects and surfaces are photographed with different arrangements of lighting. Clare often selects materials with some translucency, like greaseproof paper, sculpting with these materials to find shapes within the translucency. Objects made create unusual silhouettes cast onto back-lit surfaces – which are then photographed.

Clare’s work

You can read all about Clare here; her website gives all the details of her work, collections, blogstockists and how to contact her.  There is also a link to her homepage in my Links I Love section.

Bags made from Clare’s fabric are available to order.  See Contacts page if you want to get in touch.

More vintage bags….

I’ve just finished making two totally different vintage bags, but I LOVE both of them.

Click on the gallery to scroll through/enlarge and enjoy having a browse…

I’ve added these photos to their individual pages under the Vintage Bags header (which I’ve just reordered);  each design now has its own page with all the details separate and the Vintage Bags page has an overview of all designs.

Launching the new Handbags by Ellie page…

I’m really excited to be putting more of my own designs and creations on my site.  I’ve just created a brand new page, entitled Handbags by Ellie, which has an overview gallery of the bags.  Check out the sub-pages (Clutch Bags by Ellie and Vintage Bags by Ellie) for all the photos and information on each style of bag.

Here’s a sneak preview of a couple of clutch bags…  Enjoy having a browse..

A Vintage design or two….

A few posts ago I promised pictures of some of my vintage bags designs, so here you are…

These are inspired by the earliest handbags, from around the early 1900s, although with a twist of my own – I’ve turned the Christie Bag into more of a 1920s Flapper bag with the fringing.  I love the shapes and just had to add a bit of sparkle with those buttons….  I’ll be adding these to a new page in the near future, so all their details will be available soon.

I’ve been cutting out more patterns using some fab fabrics….  I did have to have a cup of tea before starting though and realised my mug was quite apt for the challenge I’d set myself…!

Cutting out!

Cutting out!