Ashbury hacks…..

Recently I was contacted by a lovely customer who had seen the navy and white spotty Ashbury on my shop and wanted this with a few changes.  She was after a slightly larger version of this bag, and wanted me to add in a few extra features.  She already has the Shelstone, and really liked the red trim and button pocket on that bag, and so wanted the same features on her Ashbury.  In addition to this, she also wanted an exterior zip pocket on the other side, which would sit on the side closest to her body.

The new Ashbury design makes for a really great size handbag. The larger zip opening and capacity makes it so useful and the adjustable strap means it can be worn on the shoulder or across the body to suit.  I made this with a red lining – navy and red is such a fabulously classic combination, I love it!

She then requested an Ashbury in the original size, with the same red trim and button pocket, but also wanted a zip patch pocket on the side closest to the body – really useful for tickets and essentials.  I loved lining up the spots to make sure it sat properly on the outside of the bag.

Any handbag you see on my shop can be customised to meet your wishes, whether it’s adding in extra pockets on the inside or outside, making it larger or smaller, different colourways, longer/shorter straps etc….. I’m happy to work with you to get all the details right and ensure you get the handbag that suits you.

One thought on “Ashbury hacks…..

  1. We went to France for three days last week – I used my Shelstone blue spotty bag as hand luggage and didn’t need to take a hold bag. Ellie adapted the original Shelstone so it has a zip across the top and has additional pockets so my version gave me plenty of storage space and also kept my items safe. I used my new smaller Ashbury as my handbag. The zipped pockets were great for knowing that my passport and tickets were secure. The bags looked really good together and the Shelstone is great as hand luggage – it’s the right size and squashy enough to fit under the front seat comfortably. It worked really well and I was very proud to have my own bespoke luggage!

    Jill x

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