Huccaby update

The next stage of the Huccaby, after backing all the fabric with interlining, quilting fabric and cotton, was to attach the buckles and construct the outer shell of the bag.  I decided to make this one slightly deeper than the previous Huccaby: the width and height stayed the same, but I increased the pattern size to make it deeper so it could carry even more.

Positioning the buckles for the base and top of the bag is crucial (or it won’t close properly!), so takes a bit of time to get it right.  In order to ensure they’re positioned correctly, they’re pinned, tacked and then finally stitched in place.

After completing the top-stitching on the buckle tabs, I attached the side panels to the front and back panels before finally sewing in the bottom panel.

The next job after that was making the adjustable handle, then completing the outer part of the bag before moving on to construct the lining……


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