After completing my first Huccaby design earlier this year, I wanted to start making another almost straight away.  I had some beautiful Japanese-inspired fabric by Makower that I knew would be perfect for this satchel, so started thinking about the complimentary fabric I was going to use for the lining…. so many choices…..!

Because the main fabric has a delicate design, I wanted to use whatever complimentary fabric I chose for the buckle tabs as well; this would give it a bit of impact and bring out some of the colour in the main fabric.  Having made the first satchel from a very strong colour and busier pattern, I wanted this one to look very different.  I had kept hold of this particular fabric for a while, wanting to use it for just the right project and this was it!

So here are my fabric choices for this project…… more update photos to follow soon.

Fabric choices for Huccaby

Fabric choices for Huccaby


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