Shelstone update

July is whizzing by and I haven’t yet posted an update of my progress on the Shelstone Weekend handbag…. so without further ado, here it is…..

This panel will form the front pockets of the bag.  I think Makower’s complimentary spotty fabric looks great with the mint green main fabric.  I was really pleased to find a perfect colour match with those buttons.  I use the tailors chalk to mark exactly where the buttonholes need to go to ensure they are evenly spaced.  The maroon and orange spotty fabric, which forms the trim at the top of the pocket, has to be cut and stitched so that the trim is even and the spots line up to the nearest millimetre….  Working with spots is great, but my goodness it can be frustrating sometimes!

Case in point was my very first Shelstone – if you look at the top of the red trim on the front pockets of the outside image of the bag, it sits exactly under a row of white spots; the bottom of the trim sits on top of a row of spots without cutting through the spots.  The inside view shows the large interior pocket; again, I had to cut and stitch that so I didn’t stitch through a line of spots….


…That may sound easy, but because I back the main fabric with, on average, an extra three layers, including a quilting fabric, the panel pieces are so much thicker than a piece of cotton, so lining it all up does get a bit tricky.   This pattern involved measuring so carefully before cutting the fabric (I always do, but this was something else!), as well as being super accurate when stitching all the pattern pieces together (I always am, but this was something else!).

I love spotty fabric (and I mean really love it!), but cutting and stitching with it and ensuring it’s all straight, is much more time-consuming than working with a plain fabric.  I have to say, it is worth it though – this is still one of my favourite ever handbags.


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