Making Shelstone

After finishing my new satchel, I set to work on the other project I’d started during my machine troubles when all I could do was cut out lots of fabric…..

This gorgeous Henna fabric (sunshine fabric!) from my previous post in February is just a joy, and Makower did their usual wonderful trick of designing fabulous complimentary fabrics to bring out some of the other colours within the main print.  So, as you can tell from the title of this post, I’ve decided to turn this into another Shelstone Weekend shoulder/travel bag.

Sometimes it can be tricky deciding which fabrics to use for which handbags, but the size of the Henna print lent itself to becoming a bigger bag, so it seemed like a natural choice.  There’s still a way to go with this (front pockets, interior side pockets, zip pockets, side poppers….), but I thought I’d share this photo so you can see the colour combinations I’ll be using. This photo shows the main print, the darker print for the handles and the lovely mint green for the gorgeous lining.

Shelstone Weekend - Henna fabric collection

Shelstone Weekend – Henna fabric collection



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