Introducing Huccaby…

So here it is!  This is Huccaby, my brand new satchel!  Buckles are attached, adjustable shoulder strap is finished and it’s ready to go…

Click on the gallery to enlarge and scroll through –


As with my other bags, Huccaby is made from quality cotton and is fully lined with quality interlining and quilting fabric, which not only helps strengthen the bag but also means it retains its shape.

Huccaby has a large, lined inside zipped pocket, big enough for a standard ipad, or large tablet, and the adjustable shoulder strap means you can wear it over the shoulder or across the body – whichever is more comfortable.

I’m really pleased with how this has turned out and look forward to making more in other fabrics.. so many fab colour possibilities….!

As ever, I’d love to hear what you think, you can email me at or click on the comments button below.

For all the details on Huccaby, including price and dimensions, please see the Shoulder Bags by Ellie page.

Happy stitching!

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