Satchel in progress

My new satchel design is coming along a treat, so I thought I’d share this photo so you can catch a glimpse and let me know what you think……..

Satchel in progress

Satchel in progress

I’ve tracked down some great silver buckles, which I think will look really smart against this rich colour.

So, just got the adjustable handle to finish and the buckles to attach…….  Photos to follow soon.

Happy stitching!

6 thoughts on “Satchel in progress

  1. Gosh! Yes Ellie, you would be so inspired by the Country Living Fair. It’s soo good. They do a Spring and Autumn Fair. Definitely look it up. X

  2. It looks lovely. I like the fabric. I thought of you when I went to the Country Living Fair in London the other week – it was an exciting experience seeing so many creative people with such wonderful ideas!


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