Machine woes and new projects…

I’m aware my last post was the first for a while, and prior to that I had written that I would post photos of my new design.  Well, that was my intention, but over the last couple of months I’ve had trouble with my normally very dependable sewing machine….  It started as an occasional glitch, but then got worse and it has taken me a while to get to the bottom of it.  Turned out it was a problem with the tension on the removable bobbin case, but thankfully it’s now sorted (YAY!!) and I can finally get back to stitching away.

This meant that constructing my new design had to grind to a halt for a while (I did have a backup machine for other projects/orders, but it’s never quite the same as your own….); so I decided to use the opportunity to cut out and draw instead.  I normally work on one project at a time, see it through, before starting something else, but my machine woes forced me to work a bit differently.  So, I’ve been cutting, cutting, cutting, and now I have three projects on the go!

I can tell you that my new design is a satchel (I’ve wanted to design and make one of these for ages) and I’m pleased with progress so far…..  Love the colours of this fabric……

Cutting out

Cutting out


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