Shelstone Weekend Bag…..

As soon as I’d finished my Shelstone design, I set to work on a super-sized version.  I took the pattern I’d created and worked to make the bag even bigger.  I love the original sleek Shelstone size and shape, but wanted to push the design to see how big the bag could be whilst still being an oversize/everyday handbag as well.

I had the idea to add in expandable sides using poppers; this way it retains the original silhouette of the Shelstone when half full, but because the bottom and side panels are even bigger, you can pack this bag with even more when it’s fully open!  This makes it the perfect handbag for a weekend away…

Click on the gallery to enlarge and scroll through –

For all the details, including price and dimensions, please visit the Weekend and Travel Bags by Ellie page.

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