I’ve been busy making a couple of my clutch bags design using some gorgeous duchesse satin.   This has to be one of thee most sumptuous fabrics for clutch bags; it’s just lovely.  I’ve made this in a smart navy duchesse satin before but decided to try it with brighter satins.  I’ve used the red fabric with a previous bag (the Dorothy on the Vintage Bags page), but this was the first time I’d used this rich purple – and I LOVE it!  (although, that might have something to do with the colour reminding me of a certain brand of popular chocolate…. yum!).

I’ve added another couple of photos to the Clutch Bags by Ellie page (under the Handbags by Ellie header), but here’s a preview.  Click on the gallery below to enlarge and scroll through and enjoy having a browse….

4 thoughts on “Bellaford


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