Shoulder Bags

These shoulder bags have been designed and created by Ellie and offer a range of styles to suit different occasions.

Please note, we do not carry stock of every handbag featured on this site, as some have been made for bespoke orders and commissions.   To view the current purchasable Handmade by Ellie handbags, please click here to visit the online shop.



Huccaby takes its inspiration from the classic satchel designs of the past, but has a distinctly modern twist.  This functional satchel has a fully adjustable shoulder strap, so it can be worn over the shoulder or across the body.  The large inside zipped pocket is fully lined and big enough for an ipad or large tablet.  The buckles are a great feature but also ensure that this bag is secure.

Like the other bags, Huccaby is fully lined with best quality interlining and quilting fabric; this ensures that the bag is strong as well as meaning it will retain its shape.

Prices start from £90 (+p&p) depending on fabric choices and specifications.

Approx dimensions are as follows –

Height (minus strap) = 9″ (23cm).  Width = 13.5″ (34.2cm).  Depth = 1 3/4″ (4cm).  Length of strap – minimum length = 30″ (76cm); maximum length = 48.5″ (122cm).  Inside pocket – width = 13.5″ (34.2cm); depth = 8″ (20cm).

All dimensions for the cream Huccaby are the same except depth = 2.5″ (6.3cm).

Dimensions for the 60s-inspired Huccaby are – Height = 9.5″ (24cm).  Width = 14.5″ (37cm).  Depth = 2.5″ (6.5cm). Length of strap – minimum length = 27.5″ (70cm); maximum length = 46″ (117cm).



Rippon was created following a request for a spacious handbag with a large inside zipped pocket for extra security.  It has a magnetic snap-set closure.  This handbag is a really useful size, perfect for everyday use.

This bag is fully interlined and has a layer of quilting fabric, which gives it a sumptuous feel and helps it retain its shape.

Prices start from £70 (+ p&p) depending on fabric choices and specifications.

Approx dimensions are as follows –

Width across the bottom = 14″ (35 1/2cm).  Width at widest point = 16″ (40 1/2cm).  Width across the top = 11 1/2″ (29cm).  Height minus strap = 11″ (28cm).  Length of strap = 23 1/4″ (59cm).



For all information on Shelstone, please see the Weekend and Travel Bags page.

For orders and enquiries, please visit the Contact and Bespoke Orders page.

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